Framework for Purposeful Living


We provide Baby Boomers with a framework to develop a meaningful “next chapter”, a new sense of pupose in their lives.

  • People with a sense of Purpose live longer and healther lives

  • Many people gain a sense of purpose from their careers.  If a person leaves their career, they may also lose their purpose.

  • Successful Transition Planning Institute (STPI) has a proven methodology to identify potential opportunities, options and solutions to ensure a smooth transition to a dynamic life filled with purpose and significance

We train advisors, coaches and consultants to help guide their clients through this major life transition into The Platinum Years®To learn more about being trained to deliver our tools and programs, click HERE.

 If you are an individual, learn more at our consumer site: The Platinum Years .

Our books, tools, seminars and programs help people clarify these inevitable questions:

  • What do I want to do with my life if I leave my career?

  • Where will I find new meaning when I am no longer part of an organization?

  • What do I want to do with my business or practice? (for Business Owners/Practitioners)

  • Which advisors can I trust to help me?

If you are an advisor, coach or consultant that works with baby boomers who are Business Owners, Executives, or Professionals, the Successful Transition Planning Institute will train you to offer transition planning tools, information and guidance to help your clients make the right decisions for their future.