One thing I have total confidence in writing about is the subject of purpose, since I have lived the past three decades of my life working to fulfill my life’s purpose.

There are two types of purpose and each reinforces a different sense of self. The first one is superficial, since its goal is to strengthen attachment to provide structural support for the illusionary False Self. The second type of purpose is your true purpose in life which is discovered when you connect to your True Self. You need to know who you really are, your True Self, for you to know what the true purpose of your life really is. When you are focused on your life’s purpose, you are in constant contact with your True Self. I have found that spending my time and energy pursuing my life’s purpose fills my life with meaning.

There is a difference between purpose, destiny and goals. Destiny is associated with fate in which we have no control of what happens which often causes us to feel powerless in our lives. Purpose is intentional and empowering by your taking the time and energy to find it and the responsibility to make it happen. Goals are specific objectives that you need to accomplish during the process of filling you life’s purpose. The focus of goals is achievement; the focus of purpose is fulfillment. When you are focused on fulfilling your life’s purpose, you are passionate about what you do you and will be able to sing, with gusto, the Frank Sinatra song entitled   “I Did It My Way.”

The following are three personal characteristics that I needed to fill my life’s purpose. First is courage which is needed to discover your true life’s purpose and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to make it happen. The second characteristic is persistence, since fulfilling your life’s purpose can last a lifetime. The third characteristic is resilience. I can assure you some days you feel you’re on target and things are really working and other days you might feel like “What’s the use?” or “I am not making any progress.” Sometimes it seems senseless to keep on going  and I  think that I should be doing something else.

The following are nine benefits of having an authentic life purpose. It:

  1. Reinforces your sense of your innate importance
  2. Helps you develop and express your unique gifts and talents
  3. Guides you
  4. Strengthens your sense of personal meaning
  5. Provides a reference in making decisions
  6. Creates a context to express your core values
  7. Allows you to experience personal fulfillment by  satisfying an innate need
  8. Provides psychological benefits. Psychologists have discovered some of the biggest regrets of some people when they are dying is that they looked back at their life and viewed it as being misspent, a purposeless existence.  By fulfilling your life’s purpose, you are leaving a legacy which eliminates the fear that some people have when they are dying that no one will know that they have existed. Living a purposeful life enables you to leave life as a winner!
  9. Keeps you mentally and physically healthy. Studies have shown that a 15% differential exists in the death rate between people who are living a purposeful life and those who are living an aimless and directionless life. According to a research paper entitled “Having a Sense of Purpose May Add Years to Your Life” published in Psychological Science, a Journal of the Association for Psychological Science found that feeling that you have a sense of purpose in life helps you live longer, no matter what your age.  Also, researchers from the University College in London found that people who had reported they had been very bored were two and a half times more likely to die of a heart problem than those who hadn’t reported being bored. Higher levels of purpose in life have also been found to reduce the deleterious effects of Alzheimer’s disease.


Action Steps

 Can you honestly answer the question:  “Do I know the purpose of my life?” If you don’t know why don’t you take the time to find out? The beauty about purpose is no matter what your age, you can find it now and really get into the game of living life.


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