A New Universe for a New You


Models of the universe provide the very structure that defines how we think, and provide the framework in which our lives are embedded. Analogies of models of the universe are aquarium tanks. The water inside the tanks is the mental paradigms we move through in our daily lives.

The predominant paradigms in Western civilization that were covered in last week’s Wisdom Blog are associated with the universe in which they emerged. Historically in Western culture, there was the ritualistic model of the universe in the Magical Paradigm. Then in the Bronze Age, the universe was considered to be that of a filament upon which the sun traveled from dawn to dusk, and that filament had holes in it where rain came from. The next concept of the universe that emerged was Aristotle’s geocentric model in which the universe revolved around the Earth and everyone was special since everything revolved around them.  In the geocentric universe, the Earth was at the center, and other heavenly bodies rotated around it in a series of concentric spheres. This was essentially the same model of the universe during the Scholastic Paradigm until Galileo made his discoveries. The model that we are currently living in is the Mechanistic  Universe.


“Golden Years” of Discoveries

For the first time in the history of mankind, a model of the universe has emerged which has been proven by science. Within the past 30 years, there have been revolutionary discoveries in the field of cosmology. We are the first generation in Western Civilization to be able to look at our lives and the world through an expanded cosmological context and perspective.


New Model of the Universe

When the science of a paradigm is proven outdated through scientific discoveries, the very foundation of the paradigm is incapable of supporting the mental paradigm. This is what we are experiencing during this time of paradigm shifts. The good news is that the ending of the old paradigm provides the opportunity to establish a new foundational base, the higher Balanced Paradigm.


Expanded Perspective

The cosmological perspective of the scientifically-based universe of the Balanced Paradigm helps you to realize that your life is not isolated, but connected to something deeper than yourself since your life experiences contribute to the pool of wisdom. This collective unconsciousness of our species is a storehouse of information that is needed for the survival of the human race.

A cosmological perspective of the universe fills your life with expanded awareness, creativity, intuition and guidance.  The cosmological point of view of the Balanced Paradigm allows you to view your life and death as a continuum of experiences that fits into the overall cosmic plan. Acknowledgment and acceptance of your relationship to this overall cosmic plan allows you to best manage your life.

The Balanced Paradigm is based on today’s scientific discoveries that the universe is not static, but has a 13.7 billion year history of dynamic expansion, and that space and time are not absolute. The Balanced Paradigm reflects the inherent dynamic balance that makes up the very nature of the universe and reflects the harmony that permeates the cosmos. Personally, it is a mental paradigm that frees us from a categorical, closed system of a personal egocentric universe.



We can choose to sit in comfort on deck chairs as civilization sinks into chaos and oblivion and the country into extremism, or we can make a wise decision to take responsibility to save the ship by breaking out of the static, isolated Mechanistic Universe. How? By transforming ourselves so we can be the change that we want manifested in the world.

This choice is reflected in the Budapest Declaration of the World Wisdom Council entitled: Wisdom at the Tipping Point: Shifting to New Thinking and a New Civilization when it stated that:

“We, the members of the World Wisdom Council, are committed to the reversal of current trends towards chaos and destruction. We believe that the world can be constructively changed; a new civilization can be created. We call on governments, businesses, educators, artists, scientists, activists and all concerned citizens to join their commitment to ours. We call on people in every walk of life to become aware of the critical nature of the world situation and use the power of new thinking and acting to bring about the necessary changes.”


This is the call that the Wisdom Company is hoping you answer!


Action Step

If you choose to answer the call, explore how you can live wisely so you can transform your life and the world: https://wisdomcompany.org/wisdom-development