Online Course for You to Consciously Design a Life of Authenticity


The online course is for you if you:

  • Want to live an authentic life
  • Are going through a major life transition
  • Experiencing a “middle age funk”
  • Have been successful in your work life, but now you’re wondering “Who am I?”
  • Want to be true to yourself in the next chapter of your life
  • Are going through an existential crisis
  • Feel that something is not right about your life
  • Are asking yourself big questions, such as “What is my purpose in life?” “Do I really matter?” or “Who am I really?”

In the How to Be True To Yourself Online Course you will develop a context for you to experience you True Self and create a detailed, written strategic plan for how it will guide in what you choose to do in all ten aspects in your daily life.

In the course you will apply the Powers of Awareness and Intention to discover and re-connect to your real self at the core of your being and apply a methodology to transform limiting beliefs and toxic assumptions.

An analogy of the online workshop is that it shows you how to break free from the limiting cocoon of your False Self, and connect to who you really are, so you can live more authentically and fly to new heights.

  Part 1. Being True To Yourself Online Sessions



Authenticity: The Key to Your Experiencing Genuine Success and Happiness

  • Would you like to be true to yourself?
  • Would you like to break free from what has held you back in the past?
  • Would you like to connect to something larger than yourself?
  • Would you like to actualize your potential so you can be the best person that you possibly could be?

If your answers are yes then you will want to attend the Freedom To Be Your True Self Online Course which provides you with an opportunity to experience and apply the Power of Authenticity so you can:

  • Become aware of how your False Self thinks
  • Learn how being conditioned to identify with negative assumptions and beliefs created a disconnect in early childhood from the person who you really are, and how you can break free from them
  • Discover new abilities, gifts and talents by connecting to your True Self

Seven Principles

The workshop is based on 7 principles, a new multi-valued logic system and the latest discoveries from psychology and neuroscience. These steps provide you with a comprehensive, systematic, scientific-based methodology for discovering and living from who you are at the core of your being, your True Self.

System for Self-Discovery  

The 7 principles are applied in a System for Self-Discovery which helps you:

  • Transform limiting beliefs about yourself
  • Discover what really is important to you
  • Effectively deal with discouragement and setbacks
  • Develops an unconditional love towards yourself
  • Find authentic meaning and purpose in your life


Part 2. Living With Authentically Online Sessions



Live a Fulfilled Life By Connecting Your Doing  With Your Being

  • Would you like to be the real you?
  • Would you like to live authentically in your daily life?
  • Would you like to do activities that resonate with the core of your being?
  • Would you like tap into the well source of well-being?
  • Would you like to experience joy in fulfilling your life’s purpose?
  • Live with an expanded sense of meaning in your daily life.

If your answers are yes then you will want to attend the Living With Authentically Online Workshop integrates your being with your doing through planning strategies, brainstorming and written tactical plans for your living a life based on authenticity.

Structural Format for You to Experience Your Authentic Self

The Living with Authenticity Online sessions are based on a methodology for you to reevaluate and replace activities that were chosen by the False Self in the past.  The structural format of the workshop sessions provide the framework that allows your outer self to be defined by your inner self. It’s action-oriented step-by-steps applies a highly effective behavioral approach which is based on the fact that what you do changes limiting beliefs of the False Self and reinforces your connection to your Authentic Self.

The Living With Authenticity Sessions Helps You:

  • Move out of a “Career -Funk”
  • Create a new life of authenticity after your last child has left home
  • Make a correct career change by knowing who you really are so you know what you really want to do
  • Make excellent preparation for future retirement

Live a Longer and Healthier Life

In one of the Living With Authenticity-Based Online sessions you will develop a purpose for your life that helps you live a longer and healthy life.


                          Benefits of The Online Course


Experience the workshops wherever you are: GoToMeeting app provides you access no matter what device you use to get online.

Methodical Each week you will have an opportunity to watch a webinar session, ask questions, read reinforcing handbooks and do implementation exercises.
Applies best learning practices

The workshops apply the four ways we learn information:

—    Visually by watching the webinar slides

—    Auditorily by hearing the presenter’s voice

—    Cognitively by reading the handbooks

—    Tactually by completing the exercises

Be in the company of like-minded people

The online workshops offer a supporting community among the participants.

 Provides accountability

The workshops provide you with accountability, which is important because willpower without structure can ebb and flow, which often results in a failed attempt in achieving long-term personal and professional growth.

Sessions are presented in an effective micro-learning format


The sessions are presented weekly which:

—    Incorporates the fact that changing your life is not a onetime event, but a process.

—    Provides time for you to incorporate the insights, examples and principles from the sessions into your life.

—    Avoid being overwhelmed by a “fire hose of information.”

—    An article on what is wrong with self-help programs in Scientific American magazine confirmed the effectiveness of weekly sessions.


If you need to miss a weekly session, you will not fall behind, since you will be able to listen to a recording of the session.

Direct, customized experience

Work directly with, and have the opportunity to ask questions to, the author of the program who invested over 3 decades of his life in developing the workshop material.


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