Denial Factor of Positive Thinking

Temporary denial is healthy. Chronic denial is unhealthy, since it is used to keep a false positive world intact. False positive thinking is created and maintained through denial. In order to stay positive, you have to make negatives go away!  As repression deals with the “lite” threats to positive thinking, so denial deals with any serious threat to its defective way of thinking.

Denial is the foundation for the false façade of the False Self and the illusionary world of the false positive projection. It is also the roof of the repressed negativity in our unconscious. Denial is the defender of the inflated False Self and the zone of comfort.

The false preaching of the “Gospel of Positive Thinking” has us believe the illusion that we can simply deny our negatives away. The truth is that by denying our negative feelings and thoughts, we actually allow them to run our lives.

Denial is the greatest inhibitor of personal growth. It makes us unaware of the negative assumptions, beliefs and convictions, which empowers them to grow and run our lives. The process of denial often creates a basic mistrust in ourselves by having us say we are going to make changes that we want to make, yet denying the fact that we really don’t have any intention to do what needs to be done to make the changes really happen. Denial makes us vulnerable to unexpected “negative” events which can cause serious negative consequences in our lives.

What Genuine +’s?

Denial goes both ways; the process of denial makes us unaware of “negative” things, but it also makes us unaware of the genuine positive parts of ourselves. The inflated False Self denies the existence of a healthy ego and of the negative consequences that it has on ourselves and in the lives of others. Denial creates an unawareness of our unique gifts and talents which prevents us from leading a purposeful and fulfilling life.  It causes many people to die with their unique gifts and talents never being used.  We have a responsibility to use our talents to make the world a better place however we can. Not only does denial keep us unaware of genuine positives that are already within each of us just waiting to be discovered. It also will cause you  to never discover who you really are.

 Failed Transitions

R&D, this time, does not stand for research and development, but repression and denial, and is the reason why many people are unable to make successful transitions into the next stage of their lives. For example, denied fears are often the cause of business owners emotionally sabotaging the sale of their companies. It also creates the illusion that we are strong and in control, while we actually feel weak, fearful, and often powerless in the face of change.


Denial is the creator of imbalance! In order for something to be imbalanced, something needs to be missing. Awareness of what has been denied allows us to balance the way we think and the way we live our lives. Expanded awareness, which is the first step in personal transformation, is the natural outcome of balanced thinking. Only by becoming aware of, and accepting, the negatives, will you be free of them.

A + sign symbolizes the two negative processes of absolute positive thinking. The vertical line represents the process of repression, and the horizontal line that of denial. Also, let it remind you of how absolute positive thinking keeps you unaware of the genuine +’s  of how you really are.

Contrary to absolute positive thinking, there is no such thing as an absolute safe world, one of the false benefits that keeps us within its tyranny. Balanced thinking allows us to realize that rather than be either safe or free, we can be both safe and free!


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