Dying with Significance Final Blog: My Wife’s Farewell Notes


Thank you so much for your emails regarding Judy’s letter to her airline colleagues in last week’s blog.  The number of responses has prompted me to share two notes.

One is the note that she wrote the night before she went to the hospital to die to our two year old son Justin: “I hardly know what to say to see you through the future.  I wish I knew magic words to always make your road smooth, but that would not be living.  I have found that compassion for one’s fellow beings seems to be the place to start or the place to return to if you get stuck.”

Significant Question:

Where is the place that you start from and return to when you get stuck?


The other note that she wrote was to me:  “The world needs what you have. You might not have all the answers, but you help all those who are searching.” Between the years that she wrote the note and today, I have worked to find the remaining answers.

Significant Question:

Are you searching for answers? If not, why not?


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