Empowerment and a Positive Attitude in the Face of COVID-19


Although COVID-19 has turned our world upside down, we can step back and not get caught up in fear stay, calm, use this time for personal growth, and plan a bright new future when the pandemic is over.


The Principle of Dynamic Reversal

The Principle of Dynamic Reversal enables you to stay centered and connected to your deepest inner wisdom through the course of life’s ups and downs and this current crisis. A visual image of life’s ups and downs is the sine wave. As it rises and falls over and over, the sine wave visually depicts the process of dynamic balance which occurs everywhere throughout the universe. The crest on the right represents the negative effects of the virus while the left crest symbolizes the potential positives that you can experience. The line in the middle stands for the power of choice in how you will respond to COVID-19.

The Principle of Dynamic Reversal helps you stay positive during these stressful times and develop a balanced mental attitude that enables you to respond most effectively to whatever happens. The Principle of Dynamic Reversal gives you the ability to stay centered and connected to your deepest inner wisdom during this time of uncertainty.

The Principle of Dynamic Reversal is based on the fact that opposites are not mutually exclusive absolutes, but are complements which are inherently connected. This enables you to see the positives in the negatives and the negatives in the positives, and provides you with the ability to counterbalance the current pandemic by using this time to work on your personal growth and show compassion to people in need.

An example of how the Principle of Dynamic Reversal helped me was after the fiery destruction of my company’s main supplier. I had just flown into Chicago where I was to give a sales presentation to a major orthopedic distributor. The next day I was going to drive out to our main supplier in Warsaw, Indiana to meet with the company president, since he wanted to turn all their sales and marketing efforts over to us, which would allow him to focus on his company’s manufacturing strength. A few minutes before I was to give a three–hour presentation to the distributor’s entire sales force, I got a phone call from my office in Boston. My secretary had just heard from the president of the Warsaw manufacturing company who informed her that it was a waste of time for me to come to their plant since it had burned down the previous night.

We had just lost our major supplier of products. To distance myself from my almost overwhelming feelings of shock and fear, I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. This allowed me to move back to my deep inner sense of awareness. I decided then and there that my company was not going out of business. Somehow, we would find another supplier. With this sense of assurance, I went into the conference room and gave the distributor’s sales force a powerful motivational and educational seminar on our product line. No one there knew what had just happened.

When I entered my corporate offices in Boston the next morning, people there were stunned and crying. I brought everyone into our meeting room and drew the Dynamic Reversal image on the blackboard. I told them that in this time of crisis, our attitudes—not the fire—would determine our company’s success or failure. My staff needed to clear their minds of the fear of losing their jobs, so we could go ahead and explore calmly, clearly, and positively what our options were. And in fact, we quickly found another supplier while the company in Warsaw recovered from the fire.

Changing Your Attitude As a Positive Act

You cannot control what happens to you during the COVID-19 crisis, but by being centered, you can step back from what is happening and not get caught up in reacting to it. This allows you to reflect on the broader process of life and reminds you that you have the power to choose how you react.

Specifically, the Principle of Dynamic Reversal helps you choose the one thing you can control—your attitude—which allows you to look for and act on the positive during these uncertain times, or at the very least, to transform these negative times into positive learning experiences. The Chinese language expresses this concept, since the Chinese word for “crisis” also means “opportunity.”

Dynamic Reversal helps you have a positive attitude in negative situations which is essential, since your attitude is your mind’s paintbrush, with which you can color any situation no matter what happens, including this pandemic. Your attitude is one thing in life you can control. In some negative circumstances there may be nothing you can do except keep a positive attitude, no matter what. But even this can have a positive impact, since your choice of attitude can help other people expand the way they see the world.

Using a Both-And Approach

When facing the anxiety, stress and fear created by the virus, remember that you can transform this situation into a positive alternative by using a Both-And approach.  For example, the familiar saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” doesn’t mean that you should throw out the lemons because they are sour.  It means that you can add sugar to the lemons to create a new, more enjoyable drink that has a refreshing sweet-and-sour tang.  Because your new solution—the lemonade—combines the best qualities of both sweet and sour, it exemplifies expanded, Both-And thinking.

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