Hope and Opportunity in the Scary New World of COVID-19


COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in countless ways. Each day brings more concerning news, new prohibitions and restrictions. By applying one of the seven principles of the Balanced Paradigm, Dynamic Reversal, you can effectively deal with the uncertainty and anxiety of the new normal, and use this as an opportunity for your personal growth.

Years ago when my wife died, I needed to step away from my role as CEO of the medical device company I had founded to care for our two year old son. This eight year experience taught me what it’s like to have your world completely turned upside down, with the loss of a spouse, a business, a regular income, and most social connections. I used the Principle of Dynamic Reversal to transform my radically changed world into an opportunity for personal growth, and want to share what I learned with you.

Rather than viewing your current situation negatively, it would be far more productive to use the unexpected changes as lessons for growth. In fact, some of the greatest lessons you can learn often evolve from badexperiences. It is important to learn how to stay calm and positive in the flow of life, and develop a balanced mental attitude which helps turn challenges into positive experiences. Each of us has within us a core of wisdom and universal connectedness which can help you stay centered through the uncertainty and turmoil that seem to be unfolding more and more each day.

The scientific basis for the Principle of Dynamic Reversal in the Balanced Paradigm

The Principle of Dynamic Reversal is based on the fact that change is the only constant in the universe. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that the creation of the universe is not a one-time event, since the universe is still expanding and evolving. The history of the universe itself is the history of constant transformation.

The universe was not created instantaneously in its present form. During the first few millionths of a second, the universe was a hot, formless soup of elementary subatomic particles, quarks and leptons. As it expanded and cooled, the particles combined into protons and neutrons. Over the next half-million years, hydrogen and helium formed, setting the stage for star formation nearly a billion years later. The components of the universe have continued to develop and evolve over billions of years, and this process of creation is still taking place. The recent discoveries made possible by the Hubble space telescope have shown us the “nurseries” in which new stars are being born.

The Principle of Dynamic Reversal is evident not only in the vast reaches of the universe, but also in our daily lives here on earth. The ongoing ebb and flow of waves and ocean tides is an illustration of this process of continual change. Dynamic Reversal is also reflected in the cyclic patterns of your body. Every day your body temperature rises, then falls within a range of one or two degrees. You reach your highest temperature as well as your highest level of alertness during the day. The downward cycle occurs at night, when your body temperature and awareness decline; they are at their lowest points when you are asleep. This up-and-down pattern of your body is called your circadian rhythm.”

Change is a constant—in life and in our personal experience. But change of any kind is stressful, whether that change is negative or positive. And not only is change stressful; scientific research shows that being under stress literally changes us—physically, mentally, and emotionally, by activating our fight-or-flight response—which shifts us back into more limited thinking styles, limited perceptions, and limited behaviors which further increases our stress and makes it more difficult for us to cope.

COVID-19 can cause you to feel stuck or trapped in a negative situation and unable to see a way out. This is where the Principle of Dynamic Reversal comes in. Dynamic Reversal does not deny the existence of negative situations. Dynamic Reversal acknowledges when there is a problem—and says that you can use new abilities, such as balanced thinking and a Both-And perspective to find new, better alternatives to the current situation.

                                                          To Be Continued…