Live a Life of Authenticity: 12 Guidelines for Creating a Genuine Relationship



Trust is indispensable to your living a life based on authenticity. When two people trust each other, a bond is created between them at the core of their beings. Conversely, irreparable damage happens to the bond of trust in a relationship by lying. When people trust you, they are open, transparent and willing to share their lives with you. Trust reduces doubt and inspires faith in what you say or do.


The relationship that you have with your spouse, partner or significant other is an indicator of the relationship that you have with your Authentic Self. Being committed to living a life of authenticity helps you create a new chapter in a relationship.


Your Authentic Self fills in the void of not knowing and being disconnected from who you really are. You no longer need another person to try and take on the impossible task of filling in the void at the center of your life.


A reciprocal relationship exists between being able to trust yourself and feeling that you can trust others. The degree that you trust yourself determines the amount of trust that you have with other people. When your relationship is based on honesty and integrity, it fosters a corresponding honesty and integrity in the other person. Truth and trust are characteristics of genuine relationships. When you generally trust your spouse, partner or significant other, you are making a direct connection to their Authentic Self.


12 Guidelines for Creating a Genuine Relationship


  • Set a goal of making a deep connection between the two of you.


  • To break out of the deadening effects of relationship boredom, learn or achieve something together which helps to rekindle the glow of a relationship.


  • Be free to openly express your true feelings.


  • Realize that by loving yourself more, you can love your spouse, partner or significant other more.


  • Be the person that you really are, so you can transform your relationships with the people that you are closest to.


  • Make love and compassion your relationship standard.


  • Minimize email and texting when together.


  • Explore values that you have in common.


  • In disagreements, look inwardly to see if any of the processes of inauthenticity have become operational in you.


  • Love yourself more so you can love the other person more.


  • Take time to make the other person a priority in your life.


  • Be open and transparent and value vulnerability in your relationship.


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