Live a Life of Authenticity: 4 Ways to Give Back


Genuine concern and compassion for people in need are a natural inclination of our Authentic Selves. The importance of doing activities that give back is based on the fact that we are not isolated and disconnected from each other, since we all have the same essence, belong to the same human species, and exist in the same universe. Giving back activities are practical applications of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others, what you would want them to do unto you.” You will experience joy and satisfaction when you do activities that help others, since they resonate with the core of your being.


Being actively involved in helping others creates balance in your life since these activities provide a sense of personal meaning and happiness. There is a correlation between increasing your sense of well-being and being concerned about  the well-being of others. The more you do for others, the more you strengthen your relationship with your Authentic Self. Also, activities that give back reinforce your self- image of significance by making a significant difference in the lives of other people.


The motivation to give back comes from the very nature and goal of self-transcendence which is to contribute something of value to others. This results in the desire to leave a legacy in the lives of other people which allows you to experience concrete meaning in your life. An additional benefit of doing activities that give back is the creation of social connections to a community of like-minded, caring people. This has an enriching, rippling effect which makes the world a better place.


4 Ways to Give Back


  • Be true to yourself, live your purpose and give back in service so you can share your spirit, your essence, with


  • Live authentically so you will develop an interconnected sense of



  • Be compassionate and help others by making love the underlying principle of your



  • Be concerned and take action for the well-being of


Action Step:

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