Live a Life of Authenticity: 5 Guidelines for Creating Authenticity with Family Members


Conditioning by your parents had a major impact on the degree that you are connected or disconnected from the essence of who you really are. By reconnecting to your original self, you become aware of old toxic assumptions, limiting beliefs and negative images that you were conditioned into which allows you to counterbalance them. It also helps you realize that the critical voices that you hear in your head are not real, but are simply old projections of your parents which you accepted as being true when you were an open, loving and transparent child. You can let go of, and move beyond, the old negative parental influences that have prevented you from being free to be your true self when you decide not to identify with them anymore.


Helping your adult children/grandchildren re-identify with their Authentic Selves helps them avoid a Quarter-Life Crisis, which according to LinkedIn research, 75% of 25-33 year olds have experienced. Literature suggests that a key challenge faced by people between 18 and 35 is identity confusion. Helping your children and grandchildren connect to who they really are helps them avoid internal conflict and uncertainty which greatly reduces their chances of developing addictive behaviors.


By becoming a role model of authenticity for your family, you are making the world a better place. As you live and act from who you really are, your life becomes a beacon of light in the dark world of illusion and the falsity of inauthenticity. All that is wrong with the world such as war, inequality, injustice intolerance, etc. is generated from negativity that is denied and repressed behind the positive façade of the False Self.


Re-centering your life on the core of your being adds a new dimension of presence to your relationships with members of your family. Genuine communication is also established which builds a solid foundation that transcends misunderstandings or hurt feelings from the past.


When you help family members discover and live from their Authentic Selves, you are presenting them with a gift of genuine happiness and success. You are doing your family members a great service by brainstorming and deciding what you can do to help them discover and connect with who they really are so they will know what they really want to do with the rest of their lives.


5 Guidelines for Creating Authenticity with Family Members


  • Make the creation of open and compassionate relationships with your family members a priority in your


  • Be a genuine communicator to your


  • View your children and grandchildren as opportunities for you to leave


  • Consider your relationships with your children and grandchildren. If you are not happy with the relationships, start by changing


  • Determine what activities you can do with your family members that would counterbalance the inauthenticity that prevails in the current imbalanced


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