Live a Life of Authenticity: 9 Ways to Make Money Authentically

Many of us spend much of our time and energy working, which is why having an authenticity-based work environment is so important.

Fulfillment is experienced when your work supports the emergence of your Authentic Self. When what you do to make money is in congruence with your core values and who you really are, your work becomes meaningful.

Authenticity provides a deeper perspective to making money by creating the realization that what you earn has a positive reinforcing effect on your sense of self-value. Also, your self-image is enhanced by a personal sense of importance and a manifestation of meaning in your work environment.

When you know that what you are doing is helping to achieve your life’s destiny, work takes on a whole new satisfying dimension. It also provides the context for you to be a model for co- workers of what it is like to be an authentic person.

Authenticity-based work also provides the opportunity for you to apply newly discovered abilities, talents and gifts that were previously hidden when your Authentic Self was overshadowed by the False Self.

Authenticity enhances your effectiveness and productivity by freeing up a tremendous amount of new energy that was previously needed to maintain and support a false façade and keep negativity repressed.

 Action Steps:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I find my work meaningful?
  • Does my work move me forward to fulfilling my life’s purpose?
  • Is my work aligned with my core values?
  • Does my work have a positive impact of the lives of others?
  • Does my work resonate with the core of my being?


     9 Guidelines for Making Money Authentically


  •  Make your workplace an authenticity-friendly environment.


  • Incorporate authenticity as a new formula for


  • Be a conscious, empowered person in whatever income activities you choose to


  • Decide to bring the presence of your Authentic Self into your work


  • Realize that during your working hours you never stop being


  • Do whatever work you do with pride and integrity.


  • Be truthful in whatever work you


  • Be conscious of the impact your work has on the environment.


  • Use being of service to others as a new motivation.