Live a Life of Authenticity: Cognitively

Thinking creates reality. This is why you do not want to use the absolute thought process of inauthenticity to determine what activities you can do to live an authenticity-based life.


The deepest part of your being wants you to use the most highly developed part of your humanity. A new logic system, a balanced way of thinking, and an integrative mindset allows you to effectively assess, analyze and make decisions on how you can live with authenticity in your daily life. The both-and perspective of an integrated mindset allows you to use your intellect (your head) to connect with the core of your being, your Authentic Self. A virtuous feedback system is created when you apply your intellectual abilities to connect with your Authentic Self which in turn expands your consciousness to a higher level. A balanced, being way of thinking is the thought process of your authentic self which helps you have an interconnected way of knowing.


The following 12 steps apply the thought process of authenticity. They also help you counterbalance two cognitive biases which can cause you to make bad choices. The first is Overconfidence Bias which can cause you to overlook or underestimate negatives. You counterbalance this by always looking at the downsides. The second is Confirmation Bias which is the unconscious tendency to weigh information more heavily to confirm our beliefs. You counterbalance this by always considering different alternatives and options.


  1. Assemble relevant
  2. Center on your Authentic Self.
  3. Create an alternative by thinking of an exact opposite idea to what first comes to
  4. Look at both the upsides and downsides for the two
  5. Brainstorm a number of options in between the two
  6. Consider both the positive and negative aspects of your
  7. Choose your top
  8. Envision a scenario for your top
  9. Visualize both the upsides and downsides of the
  10. Make your final decision.
  11. Create a tactical plan for how you will implement your final
  12. Set a review date to determine if your decision is working or


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