Live a Life of Authenticity: Creatively

An inherent aspect of your being human is to create which is why it is a fundamental need of your Authentic Self. Your inherent uniqueness provides creativity with the individual richness to express itself. For many of us, openness and expressions of joyful creation had been buried  under the conditioning of being inauthentic, being taught to always be in control, and to stifle our natural spontaneity and creative expression. Being instilled with the fear of being ridiculed or avoiding at all costs ever being thought of as a “flake” is responsible for many of us losing our connection with our inner creativity.


Creativity is another beneficial effect of being connected with, and living from, your Authentic Self. The good news about creativity is that you do not have to relearn how to be creative since it is a natural part of who you really are. Your inherent uniqueness provides the springboard for creativity. The universe, and everything in it, is synonymous with creation. This is confirmed by Webster’s Dictionary which defines creativity as: “to cause to come into existence, bring into being . . . ” The universe is the context for creation, while your life is the contextual canvas upon which the ultimate mystery of creation unfolds.


The truth of authenticity helps you realize that the creative evolutionary process is responsible for the big story of creation and for the story of your life. This is based on a recent discovery of science that the creation of the universe is not a onetime event since it is still expanding and evolving in an ongoing process known as cosmogenesis. This very second, the universe is expanding, putting you at the leading edge of creation. A way to help you visualize this fact is for you to imagine your life as a drop of water in a huge moving wave with nothing before it.


Be a Co-Creator

Every time that you are creative, you become a participant in the very process of creation. When you are creative, your life becomes a vehicle for helping the evolutionary process of creation to flow in your life. The creative nature of your Authentic Self insures that you will be able to find creative new ideas for how you can live an authentic–based life.


Genuine Joy

Your Authentic Self brings fun and joy back into life. Your ability to laugh and find humor, both of which are based on paradoxes and ambiguities, is markedly increased. The enjoyment aspect of recreational activities allows your inner child to reemerge, and also gives you time to do things you love, or to do nothing, to simply be.


“Unconscious Competence”

When you reconnect with, and live from, the core of your being, you allow “unconscious competence” to flow into your life. In professional sports this is referred to as the “zone of optimal functioning” which athletes experience when they are centered somewhere between being “pumped-up” and calming down at any given time. When you are in your zone, you will be calm and confident and your innate abilities will be realized.


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