Live a Life of Authenticity: Home Environment


The purpose of this blog is to help you get in touch with your Authentic Self. Your home is the context which should provide a nurturing environment for your Authentic Self to flourish in your daily life. The more loving your home environment is, the more your Authentic Self can manifest itself.

A home environment provides a safe place for you to connect with, and live from, your Authentic Self. It also becomes a place which gives you the freedom to be totally yourself and seek refuge from the inauthenticity of the world.

The more you foster an atmosphere of well-being in your home life, the more the core of your being can express itself. The more loving your relationships are at home, the more you create a conducive environment for extending love beyond the confines of your home.

By making your home conducive to living from your Authentic Self, you also create a contented home environment which establishes a peaceful oasis that you can retreat to from the world.


Four Guidelines:


  •  View your home surroundings as the structural framework for you to live a life of authenticity.


  • Look at the second hand on an analogue clock to help you realize that the present is the only time that is real from the perspective of your Authentic Self. If you have a digital clock, focus your awareness on the changing of numbers to remind you how precious each single moment of your life really


  • View wherever you sit in your house as an epicenter in which you centralize your energy and as a focal point for your awareness.


  • Choose a place in your home environment, i.e. chair, couch etc., and a time when you’ll do an exercise to focus your awareness on your Authentic Self.


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