Transcendence: The Way to Become an Optimally Functioning Human Being

In the weekly one-hour online classes, you will learn Maslow’s spiritual level of transcendence which allows you to experience a non-dogmatic, non-traditional, non-religious spirituality in your life.


You will experience a higher spiritual level so you can live with a greater sense of meaning and:

Re-awaken your sense of significance

Realize your personal blessings

Reestablish the sense of oneness

Restore your wholeness

Renew your connection to something larger than yourself

Reposition your role in life

Repurpose your life


 Participants Feedback

I was extremely impressed by the depth and scope of material presented by Jack Beauregard in his self-transcendence workshop – I learned concepts that I had never been exposed to in the past and gained insight into reaching the levels necessary for transcendence in your life.  I would encourage those seeking more spirituality and knowledge on this subject to invest in Jack’s workshop!”

– Sandra Munier, Esq.

The self-transcendence Workshop covers a lot of ground in an area that is sadly ignored in the modern, externally oriented and action addicted world.  During this workshop, Jack Beauregard brings the participant from being a pawn in this need-driven paradigm to becoming a person of authenticity and significance.  And, he does this with well-documented, non-esoteric examples.  This is a worthwhile experience and can help the individual in finding answers to the existential questions once highlighted by the French painter Paul Gaugin: “Where do we come from / What are we / Where are we going.”

– A. E. Moysenko

Successful Transition Planning Institute