Live Online Workshops to Resolve Your Quarter Life Crises

Are you in your 20’s’ and early 30’s and feel:


  • Anxious over the direction and quality of your life?
  • Insecure, doubt and disappointment surrounding your career, relationships and financial situation?
  • Lost, scared, lonely or confused about what steps to take?
  • Trapped, uninspired and disillusioned?
  • You don’t know what to do
  • Like an “elder at 30” because of technology abilities of those younger than you?


The wisdom-based live online workshops help you make a successful transition into living a happy and fulfilling next stage of your life.

True Self

First Know Who You Really Are!


Be True to Yourself Live Online Workshop


In the wisdom-based Freedom To Be Your True Self online classes helps you  stop doubting your accomplishments and the internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud” by connecting to who you really are, your True Self. which Knowing who you really are is essential for you to know what you really want to do with the rest of your life.
The comprehensive system of self-discovery that is presented in the online classes will help you create a solid foundation for you to love the rest of your life. In the four sessions you will learn how to go beyond negative conditioning, fears, and critical self-talk, thus allowing you to live the next stage of your life with authenticity.


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Then Know What You Really Want To Do In All Aspects of Your Life!


Creating a Purposeful Life of Authenticity Live Online Workshop


In the workshop you will also create a detailed, written, strategic Transition Plan for how your Authentic self will guide you in your daily life. You will complete meaningful activities that resonate with who you really are, which allows you to experience significance and fulfillment that only your Authentic self can provide.

The online workshop provides a step-by-step methodology for you to become in control of your life and have peace of mind in knowing that you have a clear sense of direction for your life.


The Living with Authenticity Online Workshop Provides:


  • Practical techniques and practices for you to stay connected to your True self
  • Access and expression of your inner wisdom
  • Freedom for your True Self to flourish in your daily life
  • Meaning by choosing activities that resonates with the core of your being
  • Expression of who you are into what you do in your daily life
  • Opportunity for you to apply new abilities, gifts and talents that you discovered during your inner journey


In the workshop you will determine how to:

  • Spiritually connect with your Authentic self
  • Express your innate creativity and replenish yourself
  • Integrate your head with your core
  • Be physically healthy and become addiction free
  • Create an authenticity-based home environment
  • Establish a genuine relationship with your spouse, partner or significant other
  • Express authenticity with family members
  • Build authenticity-based friendships
  • Earn income based on authenticity
  • Give back

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Experience Genuine Spirituality


 Live Spirituality Beyond Religion Online Workshop


In this non-denominational, non-dogmatic, non-traditional online workshop helps you rise to a higher spiritual level so you can live with a greater sense of meaning.

The online classes shows you how to reach the top level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—Transcendence—that most people are not aware exists.


Benefits for Participating in the Workshop:

  • Become a fully, optimally functioning human being
  • Enhance your intellectual abilities
  • Expand your awareness to a higher level of consciousness
  • Live from your highest values
  • Experience fully your deepest emotions
  • Expand and integrate your self-perception and worldview
  • Feel connected with the oneness of creation
  • Experience a deep sense of how unique and important you are

“I was extremely impressed by the depth and scope of material presented by Jack Beauregard in his self-transcendence workshop – I learned concepts that I had never been exposed to in the past and gained insight into reaching the levels necessary for transcendence in your life. I would encourage those seeking more spirituality and knowledge on this subject to invest in Jack’s workshop!”

– Sandra Munier, Esq.


“The Self-Transcendence Workshop covers a lot of ground in an area that is sadly ignored in the modern, externally oriented and action addicted world. During this workshop, Jack Beauregard brings the participant from being a pawn in this need-driven paradigm to becoming a person of authenticity and significance. And, he does this with well-documented, non-esoteric examples. This is a worthwhile experience and can help the individual in finding answers to the existential questions once highlighted by the French painter Paul Gaugin: “Where do we come from / What are we / Where are we going.”

“The Workshop begins with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and develops familiarity with what might be called “Maslow’s ‘forgotten’ level,” that of Self-Transcendence. Proceeding through mental models of the world and universe throughout human history, Jack guides the participant in understanding how his or her life is related to the cosmos and the significance of that relationship. Through real-life examples and shared personal experiences, Jack then offers the participant methods and tools to help reach and maintain Self-Transcendence in living a life of authenticity.”

– A. E. Moysenko


Money Back Guarantee

The integrity of the content of the workshop is so solid that I am able to offer a no risk 100% money back guarantee which states that: If you feel that the workshop did not expand your awareness. Simply request your money back and it will be promptly refunded.





Live Online Classes Transform Your Life Through The Power Of Authenticity


In the self-actualization online classes you will learn how to become:

  • Intellectually prepared to live a new life by transforming the way you think


  • Emotionally prepared to live a new life by transforming the way you feel about yourself


  • Psychologically prepared to live a new life by transforming the way you interact with yourself and others

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Experience the workshops wherever you are: The Go to Meeting app provides you access no matter what device you use to get online.


Each week you will have an opportunity to watch a webinar session, ask questions, read a reinforcing handbooks and complete implementation exercises.

Highly Effective

The workshops apply the four ways we learn information, which are:

  • Visually by watching the webinar slides
  • Auditorily by hearing the presenter’s voice
  • Cognitively by reading the workshop handbooks
  • Tactually by completing the exercises.

Be In The Company Of Like-Minded People

In previous online workshops, a supporting community developed among the workshop participants.

Provides Accountability

The workshops also provide you with accountability which is important, because so often willpower alone without structure can ebb and flow, which often results in a failed attempt in achieving long-term personal and professional growth.


If you need to miss a weekly session, you will not fall behind since you will be able to listen to a recording of the session.


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