Up Direction to Significance




In the Traditional Paradigm, we are viewed as inherently sinful, while in the Mechanistic Paradigm, we are viewed as buying machines. The machine-based model of the universe creates a deep sense of personal insignificance by having us believe that our lives don’t matter in a universe that contains trillions of stars. A personal sense of insignificance causes us to feel worthless and irrelevant and that our lives are senseless and meaningless. Feeling that who we are is inherently unimportant contributes to our spending time and energy on unimportant things. The natural outcome of this insignificant-based model of the universe is feeling purposeless and unfulfilled.


Family Road Trip

This summer my wife and I traveled to Colorado to do a road trip with our son who lives in Denver.  Before leaving for the trip, I found a PBS program entitled Native America on Amazon Prime. The first episode, From Caves to Cosmos, described a spiritual and scientific center called Chaco Canyon. The Great Houses of Chaco, which were the largest in North America until Manhattan surpassed it in the 1800’s, were totally aligned with the sun and were laid out as giant sundials. The religion of the Anasazi tribe was designed to maintain a harmonious connection with nature, believing this provided an abundance of good health, good crops, and good weather. The Pueblo people today believe that they can feel the spirits of their ancestors who lived there centuries ago.


Blinking Lights

My wife, son and I drove to Chaco and camped out for the night. While I was sitting alone at the campfire, I was looking at the night sky in a totally uninhabited dark stretch of the Southwest desert. All of a sudden I saw a light which was above the few other camp fires.  Six times the light appeared and then disappeared. I told my wife and son when they got back what had happened. While we were driving for the next couple of days, I tried to fathom the meaning of the lights I had seen. No answer came to me.

During the morning of the transition day between the family road trip and flying back to Boston, I went outside to my son’s patio with the sole purpose of trying to understand the meaning of the six blinking lights. Finally after two hours, I realized that the six clicks of light directed me to six lessons that I needed to learn. I shared them with my wife and son.


Lesson One

The first lesson was that I needed to make people aware of the expansive cosmological perspective of the Anasazi, the name given to the people of Chaco Canyon. In addition to North, South, East and West, the Anasazi added two additional directions, Up and Down. This blog will focus on the Up direction since it points to the cosmos of which we are all an inherent part.



The cosmological perspective in the Balanced Paradigm helps you view yourself as an innate manifestation of significance. A personal cosmological perspective awakens you to the wonder of the cosmos and enables you to marvel at the immensity of creation in which the miracle of your life is unfolding. A cosmic perspective helps you also take your rightful place in the story of creation.

Your life is inherently significant.  As Allen Dressler, a prominent astronomer stated: “When I talk to audiences about the size and shape of the cosmos, people often say it makes them feel so insignificant. I answer the bigger and more impersonal the universe, the more meaningful you are because this vast impersonal place needs something significant to fill it.”  It took 13.7 billion years of the universe unfolding for you to be alive right now. You are uniquely you in the hundred billion star systems and the 7 billion people on earth. There never was or will be another you. The cosmic perspective of the Balanced Paradigm helps you realize that you are inherently significant since you possess the most complex structure known to exist in the universe, namely your brain, which is made up of 100 billion neurons and 125 trillion synapses which reflect the same structure as the universe. It takes trillions of interactions per second to keep you alive. Also, your desire for a sense of importance is itself a manifestation of significance by your need to be connected to something larger than yourself and the desire for meaning and purpose.


Five Other Lessons

The following are the other five lessons learned that night sky in Chaco Canyon.


  1. That I had to make changes in my life so I would be totally connected to my authentic self and could share the interconnectedness and oneness of the universe which was the cosmic view of the people of Chaco.


  1. I needed to emphasize the Balanced Paradigm.


  1. That I needed to devote all my energy to try and create unity and a sense of oneness in this country by making people aware of the unity and oneness that exists throughout creation. In the Creating National Unity Through Mutual Respect online workshop, I share with people that it is much harder to show contempt and disrespect towards people that we disagree with when we are aware of the inherent oneness between us and the inherent significance of each person.


  1. Polarization, extremism, contempt and the ideology of hate need to be counterbalanced with wisdom for people to live and interact with love and compassion and experience genuine spirituality.


  1. The last lesson was that I was willing to die to achieve these goals.


I wrote these lessons and ended with the statement: I now feel at peace, and have a renewed sense of great determination now that I understand the significance of seeing the six blinking lights in Chaco Canyon. I finished with the statement: I went, I saw, I realized.


I hope this blog helps you say I read and I understand, that I can actively help co-create a wisdom-based world by first learning how to become a wiser person myself. The great news is that academic research has shown that wisdom can be gained through educational programs.


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To Be Continued…