Welcome to the Inaugural of Successful Transition Planning Institute’s In Transition Blog Series!


The weekly blog series will cover such topics as:


  • 3 D Life changes: how to make successful transitions after a Divorce, Death or Departure such as leaving a business or professional career or when the last child leaves home.


  • The cultural transformation created by a newly emerged Balanced Paradigm and its associated wisdom-based culture which bridges the abyss of national and global polarization and goes beyond the never ending cultural wars.


  • A new wisdom-based Being style of leadership


  • An integrated approach

                 – Transitioning businesses to new ownership

                 – Becoming prepared to transition into a new stage of life after leaving a position

                – Connecting your being with your doing, your “head” with your “heart.”


In the In Transition Blogs series I will also be sharing with you what I’ve learned in my 31 year inner journey of self-discovery as well as what I have learned over the years working with business owners, professionals and clients who wanted to transform their lives.


I look forward to or virtually getting to know each other over the coming years!


 Jack Beauregard