Successfully Transition through the Pandemic

Creating a New Life after COVID-19 Online Course

  • Helps you not dwell on the bad news created by COVID-19
  • Fills in your down time at home with planning for your post-pandemic life
  • Provides a meaningful structured activity in this unstructured time
  • Helps you deal with the unknowns by working on the next stage of your life
  • Provides empowerment and hope
  • Creates an opportunity for you to focus on yourself
  • Helps you avoid becoming stuck in negativity
  • Expands your thinking about your future
  • Shows you how to create a strategic life plan

The Creating a “New Life” after COVID-19 Online Course is also based on years of wisdom learned from people who have gone through major life transitions. It incorporates:

  • The cognitive dimension of experiential wisdom which effectively addresses the “Head” issues involved in creating a new future by showing you how to think differently about your post-pandemic life.


  • The affective dimension of experiential wisdom which helps you strategically address the “Heart” issues involved in creating a new future by showing you how to deal with the emotional issues that are triggered during these unsettling times.


Such as:

  • Leaving a dysfunctional marriage
  • Children leaving home
  • Death of a spouse
  • Changing/ending professions
  • New management paradigms
  • Not living up to your potential

A Major Life Transition Provides an Opportunity for You to Experience Unprecedented Growth

In our daily lives we are accustomed to a certain sequence of events where we expect everything to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Major life transitions upset the natural order of things since they require moving from an ending of the way things used to be to the beginning of a new phase in life. This means you need to be prepared intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually to transition into a meaningful and purposeful life after all of the old rules, roles, structures and sources of support evaporate, with the end result being complete personal transformation.

The Institute’s 4T programs allow you to experience growth when going through major changes by…

  1. Being authentic by connecting to your True Self
  2. Experiencing a spiritual renaissance by moving to the self-Transcendence level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  3. Actualizing your personal potential by applying the power of authenticity
    for self-Transformation
  4. Transitioning into a new life filled with meaning and purpose.

Programs for You to Make Successful Life Changes


Transitioning out of a marriage is a difficult process but it also provides an opportunity to rethink and re-frame your life.

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Empty Nest Syndrome

As your youngest child transitions out of the house, you and your spouse are also transitioning into a new relationship which can provide new growth and opportunities if properly planned. The same is true if you are a single parent.

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Loss of a Spouse

While the death of a spouse creates a huge void, it can be an opportunity to transition into a new chapter of your life.

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Thinking About Transitioning Your Business to New Ownership

Learn how to objectively explore options for successfully transitioning your business to new ownership

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Enhance the Financial and Business Value of Your Company

Learn how to become a wisdom-based transcendent leader

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Leaving Your Full Time Career

Manage a successful transition between your old career and retirement, or if not ready for retirement, a world of new opportunities.

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