Connect With and Live From Your True Self

Authenticity: The Key to Your  Experiencing Genuine Success and Happiness

The online classes help you successfully answer the question “Who am I?”  by discovering, and living from, who you really are—your True Self.

The comprehensive system of self-discovery presented in the classes will help you refocus your awareness inwardly, re-identify with who you really are, and help let go of fears and critical self-talk, thus allowing you to live the next stage of your life with authenticity.

In the 4 weekly one-hour sessions you will learn how to:

  • Be true to yourself
  • Break free from your past marriage
  • Transform divorce generated fears

The Freedom To Be Your True Self Online Course provides you with an opportunity to experience and apply the Power of Authenticity so you can:

  • Become aware of how the False Self thinks
  • Learn how being conditioned to identify with negative assumptions created a disconnect from the person who you really are, and how you can break free from them
  • Discover new abilities, gifts and talents by connecting to your True Self



System for Self-Discovery

The 7 principles are applied in a System for Self-Discovery that helps you:

  • Transform limiting beliefs about yourself after a divorce
  • Discover what really is important
  • Tap into the source of well-being
  • Find authentic meaning in your life
  • Effectively deal with discouragement and setbacks
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