Living a Life of Authenticity


The next Wisdom in Transition blog series will focus on how you can live a life of authenticity spiritually, creatively, intellectually, physically, and environmentally with your spouse or significant other, family members and friends, socially as well as in your work, and how you can give back.

                                                Spiritual Aspect of Your Life


When you identify with your Authentic Self, you incorporate a spiritual perspective towards yourself and the people and world around you. The nature of the Authentic Self is the source for our deep need to be spiritually connected to something larger than ourselves. Spirituality is a multi-dimensional and paradoxical process, since the more your awareness expands internally, the more you expand your inner vision. The more you reinforce your connection to who you really are, the more your inner spiritual nature will manifest itself in your daily life. Also, the more your awareness expands inwardly, the greater your spiritual awareness. The less isolated and separated you feel, the more you experience a greater appreciation for the gift of life and the miracle of creation unfolding daily before your eyes.

A spiritual perspective provides you with a third alternative to exclusively identifying yourself with either your body or your mind. The benefit of this is that it continuously grows even though your body and mind will wear down through the aging process.

Experiencing genuine spirituality is the sign that you are allowing your Authentic Self to emerge, which facilitates a progressive development in how you can live authentically in your daily life. Spiritual activities are an important source of meaning since they are the expression of deeper truths and a spiritual connection to the oneness of creation.

The connection between spirituality and authenticity was captured by Thomas Merton, the famous author and Trappist monk when he wrote in his book, New Seeds that: “For me to be a saint means to be myself. Therefore the problem of the sacred and salvation is in fact the problem of finding out who I am and discovering my true self.”

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