Jack’s presentations are designed for individuals, business owners, and executives who want to effectively transition into a life of fulfillment while discovering unrecognized abilities, gifts and talents in the process.

His success lies in helping clients address old fears and issues that have prevented them from reaching their potential. Along the journey of self-discovery, he shares wisdom and insights that allow them to re-identify who they are so they can live with authenticity and reframe the rest of their lives, both personally and professionally.

Three Decades of Experience

Jack is also a popular speaker who has presented his unique approach nationally and internationally, on radio, television, and as a conference keynote speaker, including:

  • Personal Growth When Facing Major Life Changes, MetLife Work-Life ASSIST National Webinar
  • A 360 View of Succession Planning, Financial Planning Association
  • Strategic Thinking about Your Future, Enterprise Center, Salem State University
  • The Head and Heart of Succession Planning, Mass CPAs Annual New England Practice Management Conference
  • Exit Planning: Best Practices after Leaving the Firm, Boston Society of Architects
  • From Outer Chaos to Inner Balance: Dealing with Non-Stop Changes In the Workplace, Regis College
  • Organizational Growth through Employee Growth, WCUW–FM


The Power Of Authenticity C-Level Professional And Personal Development Program

There is a growing body of evidence that proves the performance of a company is directly linked to the well-being of its employees. Since people spend most their waking hours at work, it is only logical the workplace should be a point of well-being for employees. As a C-level executive, the knowledge you hold often affects every employee; the same is true when it comes to lack of knowledge for what to do when employees are struggling.

The following major life changes are likely affecting the well-being of some of your employees now:

  • Gen Xers who are experiencing a mid-life crisis or Empty Nest Syndrome
  • Baby Boomers: Retiring, professionals leaving their careers
  • People who are experiencing a divorce or have lost a spouse

In this cognitive-based presentation you will learn:

  • Successful and unsuccessful ways that people can think about major life changes
  • How people can transform negative situations into positive outcomes
  • About the power of balance
  • How people can discover new abilities as they connect with their true self

You will understand what your employees experience during a major life transition. This knowledge will help you re-direct employees into making real change, so they avoid falling into bad habits in response to the life changes. It also reduces the loss of productivity that occurs when employees become preoccupied at work with the dark hole they are experiencing. The insights shared in the presentation not only increase employees’ morale and motivation, they can also be used by attendees when they are personally experiencing major life changes. The presentation by Jack Beauregard is based on his new book, 7 Principles For Living With Authenticity: Discovering Your True Self When Facing Life Changes.

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Enhancing Collaboration Through The Power Of Authenticity

In this presentation, award-winning author Jack Beauregard, founder and CEO of the global Successful Transition Planning Institute, will share years of research, experience and lessons learned during his 35-year inner journey to connecting to the authentic self.

The presentation describes a cognitive approach to unleash the power of authenticity that helps employees and professionals be true to themselves during the collaboration process.

Attendees will learn:

  • The difference between authentic and authenticity
  • How absolute positive thinking is the thought process of inauthenticity
  • A new collaborative balanced way of thinking
  • The emotional and psychological processes that block authentic collaboration
  • A new logic system that enhances team member performance and neutrality
  • A methodology to personally connect to their authentic selves

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Video of Jack Speaking

Keynote address at Precision Machined Products Association at Del Coronado Resort in San Diego, CA

Successful Transition Planning Institute