New Beginnings


Transition of the Successful Transition Planning Institute

The Successful Transition Planning Institute’s (STPI) first focus was on helping business owners decide: “What do I want to do with my company?” and “What am I going to do in my post ownership life?” Then many professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys, asked for help in answering: “What’s next for me after I leave my firm?” STPI later expanded the programs that it offered to help people who had expereinced a divorce, death of a loved one and the departure of the youngest child from home, to create new lives filled with meaning and purpose.

The Successful Transition Planning Institute is still focused on helping people successfully deal with major life changes. For example, it is working with wealth management firms to offer their clients an added value  of having STPI help them make a successful transition through the various life changes that they are experiencing. STPI has trained over fifty professionals, on four continents, in the methodology of transition planning which deals with the “head” and “heart” issues that are involved in making a successful transition through major life events.



Change happens externally, while transition is how we personally respond to change. Transitions go against the way we normally experience our lives, since typically there is a beginning, middle and an end. When we make major life transitions, there is an ending and a new beginning. The in-between period of time, known as the Transformational Zone, is often disorienting.


Paradigm in Transition

Paradigms are the mental frameworks for how we view ourselves and the world around us. They tell us how we should think, what we value and what we should do in all aspects of our lives. We are experiencing a fundamental change in how we in society view how things work in the world. As in any major life and paradigm transitions, there is an ending of the old and a beginning of the new. We are in the Transformational Zone and experiencing the process of expanding beyond the old dysfunctional prevailing paradigm.


In the World

The old paradigm that we have been seeing the world through is no longer working. This is reflected in the rise of: fundamentalism, economic inequality, social injustice, extremism, fascism, tribalism, religious intolerance and endless wars.  The inherent imbalance of the old paradigm has reached such a degree that ordinary people are spontaneously rising up  in such countries as Chile, Ecuador, Hong Kong and Lebanon. The established world order is in the process of a general breakdown.


In Our Country

The old way that we have been treating each other in society is also no longer working. This is manifested in the rise of: political polarization, disdain for compromise, disregard for the facts and truth, a culture of contempt, climate change denial and manipulation by social media. Incivility has grown exponentially in our country and has reached such a high level that studies have shown that:

  • 79 percent of Americans say incivility in government is preventing action on important issues
  • 77 percent of Americans feel that we are losing stature as a civil nation
  • 62 percent of workers have shared that they have experienced incivility in the workplace
  • 95 percent of Americans say civility is a problem
  • 70 percent of Americans have reported that incivility has risen to a “crisis” level
  • 16 percent of people have reported that they have stopped talking to family members or friends


A bumper sticker I found years ago reads: “SUBVERT THE DOMINANT PARADIGM. “  Why is this message important? The answer is that our very survival is at stake.


Beginning of a New Balanced Paradigm

There is a new Balanced Paradigm that provides a new beginning that’s filled with hope and promise, respect, compassion and civility. The Balanced Paradigm provides the framework for us to be able to integrate our minds, balance the way we think, and  apply wisdom-based cognitive strategies.


Beginning of a New Company

In order to focus on the emergence of the new paradigm based on balance and wisdom, I have created an international organization whose mission is to make wisdom operational in people’s lives and to be a touchstone for making decisions to solve our national and global problems. One of the new Wisdom Company’s goals is to make America one again by creating national unity through mutual respect.


Beginning of a Wisdom Blog Series

The new Wisdom Blog series will explain why the old paradigms’ problems are happening and how the application of wisdom can make the world a better place. The weekly blog series will help us successfully transition through this historic disruptive period of time by showing us  how to become wiser, recognize the humanness in each of us,  and apply Maslow’s top motivational level, that of transcendence to create a wisdom-based culture.


New Action

I invite you to an exciting new opportunity, that of personally participating in the co-creation of a new world, by reading and sharing the weekly Saturday morning Wisdom Blog.


To Be Continued…